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Asset Marketing

Take advantage of our growing list of buyers who are anxious to purchase your materials.  This allows our clients to keep a low profile during the disposal by direct advertising through our company.  We keep your name removed from direct liquidation of equipment and facilities which keeps your focused on your primary operations.

Dismantlement Recovery

Our team is available from the planning phase through the duration of the project.  We assist with the demolition scope definitions in order to maximize recovery of high value equipment.  With our extensive experience and contacts in the demolition industry we are able to assist in vendor management and bid acquisitions to assure everything moves as seamlessly as possible.

Asset Valuation

With our cumulative experience in dealing with these types of assets we will estimate the value of surplus materials you have and provide recommendations to achieve the highest possible return.  Knowing the value of your assets helps you to pivot in the best direction possible.

Scrap Management

We leverage our expertise and contacts in the scrap metal industry to not only maximize returns on our clients scrap projects but also to protect them from exposure from environmental laws and regulations.  We help complete negotiations, issue bills of sale, and release material - therefore becoming the main audit point to meet all controls.

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