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Industries Served

Oil & Gas

We work with many of the largest upstream and midstream oil and gas companies in the world helping them to manage their assets and keep their operations running smoothly as they transition to new sites and upgrade their assets.


We have a vast amount of experience in handling the complex needs of chemical plants and the stringent environmental compliance required when dealing with their assets.  At Titan we utilize our experience to not only maximize value but more importantly to assure proper EPA compliance to mitigate liability and minimalize exposure.


Refineries constitute the largest proportion of our business and we excel in this field.  With the constant turnarounds going on in this type of facility it is imperative to have a trusted partner capable of the turn key handling of their used assets.

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Our partners in the manufacturing industry rely on us to help them with the disposition of their unutilized assets and idled plants due to the trust we've established with them over the years.  Whether you are manufacturing products for the oilfield, the automotive, or the aerospace sector Titan has your back!

Data Centers

Titan Energy Assets is one of the nation’s leading providers of surgical decommissioning for data centers that have outlasted their life cycle. Our eco-friendly initiatives are supported with a full chain of custody for all removed materials ensuring proper disposal per local and federal EPA guidelines, while helping you maximize your infrastructure investment return. We’ve worked with data center professionals and commercial property owners throughout the country to help restore their spaces back to pre-lease conditions safely, efficiently, and with minimal risk.

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